‘Yeah, unfortunately a baby don’t come with an instruction manual!’


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‘Here is my pregnant wife’ – David from Carnegie



I really do like motherhood.. motherhood is like my family

so this is like a full time job dude



Baby lion

Mommy! Mommy! Put me down!



Momma! Mommy!

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Up close n’ personal with Momu!



Sweeter than a mother’s new lips and twice as gorgeous

Mmya Mya..



Look, now Daddy gets to play too! Pup pup, pass! 


Pregnant man naked


NEVER comment on the size of  pregnant mommy’s flanks! ….well, if you want to live that is!!  What?


"You've got a baby in there, man!"

” You’ve got one, man!”




Cher 3



“My baby Nightmare” – Chair



Ok so is it a night in with the girls watching video disks….  or a big night on the town?  A bit of a ‘no-brainer’, don’t you think!?!


Woohoo!          Rock it, momu!

images#rockerchick @chicksCANrock!momu 2


“we been on the run

Drivin’ in the sun

Lookin’ out for Number One

California Here We come”